We can duplicate any drum stick or baluster!

Drum Sticks

Highest Quality Drums Sticks!

Custom Center Point Turning is dedicated to making the best drum sticks you will ever own. They are all hand turned per order; we do not mass produce drum sticks. We test all sticks so they are perfectly matched and guarantee they all roll true.

Our products are made of quality wood and are proudly made in the USA.  We are based in Central Wisconsin and have been in business since 2000.


Custom Made Sticks

We can custom create any type of drum stick you need. We have created sticks for drummers all over the world for every type of drum.  Custom Center Point Turning can even match any drum stick out there. If you have a particular set of sticks that have the right feel and touch, contact us for a duplicate pair. We will custom turn your sticks not only to exact size, but also out of any type of wood desired.

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*Sticks listed are available as priced.  Custom sticks have a one time set up fee of $25, and will require a sample stick for measurements.